Down In The Parking Lot - 1921 Rolls Royce.

Last week, I’m on vacation with Misses Valve Gear and we check into a hotel in Maine. The big parking lot is around back, so we pull around and see an older gentleman puttering around this beauty. He had a picture of the car when he bought it (basically a frame and engine) - it is a wonderful car, great restoration. The owner was very gracious, offered to open up the bonnet so I could see the engine (Yes, Please!) and we chatted about the Rolls, cars in general, steam engines and trains.

The kicker is that when he mentioned he was on his way home, I asked if he had been to a car show... no, he hadn’t. He and his wife wanted to go sailing, and drove the car from their home to the ocean. He just loves to drive the car. Said he has put thousands of miles on the car just driving it around... not quite a daily driver, but he isn’t afraid to use the car. Very cool that he is willing to take the car out and enjoy it!

Obligatory pic of the Rolls and the Mustang: