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Divorce = Let's hang out again?

Non-car rant below:

Do you have that one friend who disappears whenever he’s in a relationship, and then resurfaces as soon as he’s single again? A few years ago, I had a buddy who was a really cool guy. He was always a ton of fun, down for whatever, and was the social glue that held our group together. Then, he started going with this girl (who had a lot of issues), and she became his world. He was always making excuses why he couldn’t hang out, why he was too busy, and why he and the girlfriend were just going to “do their own thing.” He disappeared, and I didn’t hear from him again. For four years.


Out of the blue, I get I call from him this week. “Hey, how’s it going?” just like nothing ever happened. Apparently, he’d married that girl just over three years ago. And earlier this month, separated from said girl. She left him for a coworker, they’re going through divorce proceedings, blah, blah, blah. And suddenly he wants to hang out again. I left things kind of hanging, but my instinct is to tell him to piss off. Does that make me a terrible person? I really don’t want to be the friend who you just hang out with between girlfriends/wives. That’s just uncool. And it's not my fault that you ditched all of your old friends and didn't make any new ones in the past four years.

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