Woke up this morning and for no good reason the paint looks way closer to the right color than it did before. I don’t get it. Still, I went to the paint store and showed the guy my car and he spent about 15 minutes mixing and making paint chips and holding them up to the paint and viewing it from all angles before settling on a mixture he said should much better match my hood. I’m going to continue wetsanding and polishing the paint that’s on there to hone my technique but the half-assed 15 minute wetsand job that’s on there right now isn’t half bad in my eyes considering I’ve never done anything like this before.

Here in two weeks it’s all getting stripped back again and re-done because I botched the filler in the holes where the badge was. Oh, well. Learning experience! Always down to learn new stuff. You can see in that last picture the fuzzy looking areas where I didn’t wetsand. Need to go back over it and spend a bit more time with the 1500 to make sure I get it level this time before moving on to 2500.