The floor mats in my car were probably original to the car, which is great except they had gone yellow like an old Nintendo, and were falling apart. During a trip to Manard’s (like Home Depot or Lowe’s for those that don’t live in the Midwest) I found a “washer mat” which I guess is meant to go under your washing machine that was a grey and black checked print and big enough to make two floor mats. I meant to take a picture of the mat before I cut it up but I forgot. It was 13 bucks and came with a smaller grey mat which I cut in half for the rear mats. Using my old mat as a guide I cut out this.

Yes I’m working outside on a peice of carpet. Perks of having. A FIL that owns a carpet store.

Now I don’t know about you be one thing I can’t stand is my floor mats moving so I set out to fix that. Looking behind my pedals I found two push clips that hold the factory carpet in place.

You can see my last DIY mat here, it was too short, and got cought on the clutch pedal. Plus it was kinda ugly.

I made an aluminum bracket that out mount up to the studs for the push clips.

Yes I checked to make sure it wasn’t interfering with the pedals . The pedal hit its bump stop before it hit the bracket, with about 3/8s clearance plent enough for the carpet.


The bracket had to be bent to fit around some things on the fire wall. Once that was done I riveted to to the mat.


Here’s the mat installed. You can see one of the push clips is also holding the carpet, but the far on is about 1" right of the mat, which is why the bracket had to be made. Plus it adds a lot of rigidity.

The passenger side was a lot simpler as I’m not too worried about to moving around. I just put a hole in it and used a factory push clip to tie it down.


So here’s the finished product. I’m really happy with it. My original concept of how the bracket would looks was a lot more complicated, and I might ad a tiedown on the rear of the mat if I need it.

My driver’s seat has seen better days


To finish off the project I made a little price for my center console as well.

That little power outlet is the best mod I’ve done to this car.


Now I just need to make a shifter boot, and get some decent looking seats and my interior will be all set.