Two weeks ago I was on a long conference call for which I had little input. So I grabbed an old E6500 laptop and decided to take my first crack at Arch Linux (everything in arch is setup and configured manually). I have plenty of experience with the Linux command line, so I figured that it would not be that difficult.

It took me 5 full runs through setup to get it to boot after install, but now I have it all setup the way that I want and I can’t put it down.

I’ve got a really nice home office setup with a maxed out Mac Mini, a brand new Mac Book 12, and my work PC is a brand new E7470 i7 16gb...I’m using my work PC today, but other than that the only computer that I have used in the past two weeks is this poopy old Dell E6500 with a freebie operating system.

Mine looks similar to the image below, but I have a way nicer wallpaper and my panel is buttoned up.


The feeling is no different than building a piece of furniture for finishing a brake job etc... Admittedly this was a good bit easier that either of those. Still I have tried so many times to force myself to use a Linux DE to no Avail. I’ve got to get nicer hardware, but I’m sticking with Arch at least for a while.

Any Oppo’s use Linux on the reg?