DIY Snowskate

With all the snow we’re getting I wanted to buy an snowskate. Jonah has been riding down just a board on the snow bank behind our house, and I bought him a kids snowboard at a thrift store today. I wanted to be able to have fun with him, but my feet are too big to ride down on just a skateboard, I need more width or elevation. Then I found out that a bi-level snow skate goes for like $150 on the bottom end. Why is snow snow stuff so much more expensive than Skate stuff? I guess all that urethane is expensive.

Any way I figured I have an old deck, and a cheap board that some one gave Jonah(he also has a 28” Birdhouse that actually “fits” him)... a few cut chunks of 2x4 and 4 screws later.


I had my own free snowskate. It’s far from perfect, but it works. I may try to had some utathane or aluminum rails, or edges to the bottom board. I went around town looking for big snowbanks to bomb. Much Succes!

also I have to say I really missed having a job where work ended when I left the building. Having a job that you stress about when you get home “is for the birds” as my very North Carolina mom would say. Being free at home gives you the energy to do stupid stuff like this!

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