Those who live in an appartment probably know the problem. Where and how do you best store your second set of wheels? In your appartment isn't really an option as tires tend to emit a certain smell that nobody really wants in their living quarters. If you have a designated indoor parking space you can obviously hang them on the wall there, but what if you don't want to drill large holes into the wall? If you are renting, your building manager might want to kill you for that. And what if you can't just put them flat on the ground, because then your car won't fit in the space anymore? Well, I might have a solution:

All you need are 8 pieces of hardwood from an old bedframe (or whatever you have lying around), 4 large bolts, 4 butterfly nuts, 8 woodscrews, and a bit of metal tape.

Take two pieces of hardwood, drill holes at the top, put bolt through, done.


Take a few inches, cms or whatever of metal tape (or, again, whatever you have lying around) and screw them onto the bottom of the "legs" to stop them from sliding apart. Easy!

If the end result shares some similarities with this, you are good. Repeat 4 times, and now your wheels can be suspended in mid air, like they should be, without drilling holes into the wall.


Last step: Hang them up in the air like you just don't care...