DIY Transmission Mount Insert

Had a nasty bike crash on Monday and have been off work for a few days.

To keep busy I’ve made an insert (filled the voids in the stock mount is more accurate) for my transmission mount.


The aftermarket has exactly 1 mount available for the Genesis Coupe and it’s 70a. To me that’s harder than I’d like for a daily driver and after shipping, taxes, duty, and exchange rate; would cost me close to $200CND.

However, a local plastic company has 44a polyurethane mix in stock. This is about exactly the hardness I want, especially since the factory mounts are as bendable as a politician backed by big oil. It also saved me about $60 and that’s even after buying a new oem mount.

The process is pretty easy. I just used foil tape to create a casing around the back and sides of the mount.


Then mixed the poly and poured.


Now to let it sit for 16 hours and put it in (once the shoulder is better).

I’m excite.

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