Do all the repairs

Since my fan kamikazied my radiator, I’m doing everything on the front end at once. Got to the water pump today and put the new one in. I’m glad I did this preemptively since the engine still had a plastic one. Also picked up a new fan from Napa and got the new control arms in. Started taking it off and realized I need a 22mm wrench. Oh well, still waiting on the control arm bushings anyway. Should get them and the tie rods soon. Went ahead and ordered motor mounts and a new accessory belt as well today.

So still to do:

  1. Thermostat
  2. New radiator and hoses
  3. Control arms
  4. Tie rods
  5. Motor mounts
  6. Motor mount bracket reinforcements
  7. Accessory belt
  8. New fan
  9. Wire secondary fan to be always on
  10. Weld in rear trailing arm reinforcement

Should be doable in two weeks.


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