Do any of you authors have the ability to unshare a comment?

I can "dismiss" but not unshare. And I can't even select to unshare comments on other blogs where I am only an author (as opposed to moderator status which I have here).

ETA: For Kinja Help Tag / Documentation

It seems very odd, as a test, I "dismissed" a comment through this option, which was shared from within Oppo, and it dismissed the comment in the original thread as well as removing the share.


So what will happen if I "dismiss" the share from the front page? And why is the dismiss option tied to unsharing a comment?

ETA2: It's there for some shared comments, but not others.

ETA3: It seems that only moderators can unshare some comments (in my testing), and others, it seems no one (except maybe other than the sharer?) can unshare . Such as the one pictured at the top of the page, I cannot unshare it from oppo).

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