Do any of you have experience with BG Products?

My mechanic has been recommending that I use one or more of their various additives and conditioners, since they have this “pre-owned vehicle protection”, and an “engine assurance” thing, where some of the parts are covered under warranty. To a certain amount. Like if I buy their oil additive, and a lubricated part of my engine fails, I’m covered up to $6000 or something. Same with their brake fluid, then all my hydraulic brake components are warrantied. I trust my mechanic, and he claims to use a lot of them in his own cars, even though he’s ineligible for the warranties due to being a distributor I guess. Still, it sounds like it’s too good to be true, and it would make servicing even more expensive. What’s also worth noting is that the one thing EJ25s are really known for is head gasket failure, and gaskets aren’t covered, so I’m on my own when that inevitably happens.

Anyways, have any of you used these warranties? Is there fine print that shafts you or something? It seems gimmicky to me, I’m reluctant enough to be paying for service now that I don’t have space to do it myself, plus I figure I should take really good care of this car since it’s in such good shape. So yeah, Alpine for your time.

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