Do Any Oppos Even Lift?

I’m still scratching my head as to why I wasn’t more vigilant in my quest for a garage when I bought my first home a few years ago. I’m currently working with a one lane driveway. We are fishing for quotes to add a garage, and have the driveway widened. In that garage there will be a lift! However, the first couple of people we have contacted about the project have “never heard of such a thing” or, said “what? Like an elevator?” “Yes, but an elevator for car.” I replied. They weren’t getting it. I’m thinking I’ll be needing a 4 post lift, as I plan to store a car up there at least some of the time, but I will also be using it for wrenching.

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Do any of you have a lift, or any of you that work in a shop know much about them? Do I need a stronger floor than you average garage? Should I go with a two post? My vision is a setup like the above, but sacrificing overhead storage for a taller lift. M3 up top, Forester underneath, Ranger/Motos/Activities to the right 

I’m thinking maybe I can install it myself? Here is the one I’ve been eyeing.



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