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Do Any Oppos Use OkCupid? (Also, More U-Haul Fun!)

I’ve finally forgiven myself for the events leading up to my breakup as well as the breakup itself. I decided to do what Miss Tesla suggested and I put myself out there! Maybe I can ring in the New Year with a fun date!

For anyone wondering, Miss Tesla is doing well. I like her new guy too and hope he treats her very well. :)

Here’s a snapshot of my profile.


I’m also...open to local area Oppos. lol

Meanwhile, my brother is moving today. Towing a trailer in the snow is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than even like when it’s raining. :O


Also, the U-Haul rep killed me this morning:

“Uh, you know you can’t tow a lot with that car, right? Let me go out there and see how much that trailer weighs.”


Me: “Well I mean, it only has 70 bhp, 68 tq and a wheelbase shorter a Trump appointee’s term, I’m not that stupid. Also, the trailer is 950 pounds per U-Haul’s site.” lol

Him: *Blank face*

I still wish U-Haul would just give me one of those trailers. :3

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