So, a while back it came time for my parents to get a new car to replace their quite elderly LR4 (120,000 miles is like 250,000 Land Rover Miles... they're like dog years)

I pointed them towards the Cayenne Diesel because they don't really go off-pavement, and having a 700 mile range is fun. Also, when you put as many miles on a car as they do, every MPG counts.

Except... it needs the oil changed every 5000 miles. That's the same as my Tacoma, which was designed for the 2005 model year and starts at ~$15,000. I would think that a brand new, top-tier SUV from a "premium" manufacturer could go a bit longer than that. For reference, my previous S4 went 12,000 miles between changes.

It wouldn't be so bad except they've literally had to take it in for an oil change three times in the past month.

So... is this a consequence of the Diesel? Is it yet another example of Porsche saying "fuck you, we do whatever we want?" (There's a reason the best Porsches are the ones with the least screens) Is it simply a "first 50,000 miles" sort of thing?