Fuel prices have been on an upwards trend since... well the invention of fuel. A friend of mine said years ago that "Driving will never be as cheap as it is today, again." And of course he was right. No need to call him a prophet or anything for that prediction, that was just common sense.

In my area (Bavaria, Germany) fuel prices hit a plateau of some sorts for the last year or so. I regularly pay € 1.50 or 1.49 a litre of E10 (10% Ethanol) which translates into $7.30 a gallon, if I did my maths right.

This still doesn't make me drive less, drive more economical, or even consider purchasing a new ride which does more mpgs. The pic shows a selection of cars which are leading in their class when it comes to gas mileage. And I don't really want to get any of them.

It gets even worse. My usual commute consists of a small stretch of unrestricted Autobahn. It's usually clogged to hell during commuting hours, but when I have to work funny hours, I might encounter a short stretch of road where anything is legal, and even possible. So I just floor it! I mean, why not? It doesn't really shorten my commute, as it's just a short stretch, but it burns a lot of fuel for nothing.

My last job had me drive along some very scenic roads with the Alps as a backdrop (God, I miss that commute!), and I drove it like my pants were on fire every single time.

Maybe there is something wrong with me, or maybe I just like driving too much, but I'd rather cut back on other expenses than save fuel. It just is too much of a way of life for me.


So how do you guys handle this whole conundrum? Drive less, drive a different car, drive slower, or just pay up and be done with it?