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So a few years ago I bought my mom a Lincoln MKT Ecoboost and she loved it. The car is pretty solid, has no major issues and is paid off because I got such a slamming deal on it. My mother decided that she wants to give the car to my sister now because her lease on a C300 4matic is over (my mom and dad drove to LA to be with her while she gets ready for her wedding, so she’s been driving the car a lot anyways and really likes it). So I told them I’d find another car for her and then my dad could give me a bit for a down payment and I’d pick up the monthlies. I did this because a) I love my mom, but more importantly b) car shopping is fun!

So now here’s the kicker, I wanted to get her a Range Rover but getting a last gen feels wrong and the newer models are still absurdly priced. I thought about another Lincoln (MKX) but it isn’t as comfortable as the MKT, and the XC90 has a 6 month wait in their area. Enter Cayenne.


Obviously, the Turbo is an absurd price as new (150k or something) but in the used market it’s not a bad deal. The local dealer has a Silver over black 2012 Cayenne Turbo with 15k miles and all the important options in the safety and comfort fields for $62k. It’s Porsche CPO and with the 100k/7 year warranty it all comes out to a nice round 66k$ taxed and titled. Now assuming that the finances work out, the real question becomes is a 500hp SUV too much power for a middle aged suburban mom who drives it to Costco and to New York City occasionally?

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I think of it from the value perspective, a brand new Cayenne V6 which is the same body style with the same options that the turbo has on it comes out to roughly 85k. This one is 20k cheaper AND has the bonkers engine that if you drive it like an old just a normal engine. She also didn’t have an issue with the MKTs 365hp, and while 500hp is a big it really that big?


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