Hey guys! :O

I forgot if I posted this a couple weeks ago or not but I was going to apply for Resident Assistant in college and I got it :O Woooo. Out of a hundred or so people for about 20 positions in different dorms. Unfortunately, I got to be RA in one of the worst dorms on campus, and because I'm out of state, constantly moving stuff into and out of dorms isn't necessarily the easiest. Makes it better that it's $10,000 scholarship plus required desk job salary etc. If I decline it now, I'll never get another housing position in college ever again,but if I take it, I'm pretty much guaranteed another $10,000 scholarship RA position next year.

I'm also pretty confident that I'm going to be able to get Theme Housing which is the easiest way for underclassmen to get into the campus apartments. So here's the summary.

Over the next two years (trying to graduate in 3 years):

RA: $20,000 - $3200 (extra for being in a required double room) + $3200 (desk job salary) = $20,000 less than expected total college cost.

Apartment (don't have to move stuff all the time): $3200 more (apartments are expensiver) + $500 (furniture) = $3,700 more than expected college cost.


I'm conflicted because I love the idea of being able to live in an apartment, the convenience and all, but I'm costing my parents $72,000 over three years and I guess any help in paying for it would be great.

Plus this is $9k and it's really close to home :3