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Do I Gamble?

I periodically run my Kia through the “instant cash offer” program run by Basically, you type in the specifics on your car and as long as the participating dealer verifys the details, you get a cheque in hand for that amount that day. Typically, it is for desperate people to get out of loans... but given I paid 35% less than MSRP on this.... I do OK.

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I first did it back in September 2019 and got $9400 as an offer. In May, 2019, that decreased by $400 and today the offer is $9825!!!

That’s officially more than I owe and, given I was recently quoted $6K as a trade in....


I am sorely tempted. I do really want a winter car, but I feel I could dump the Forte for nearly what I paid for it two years ago, wait until October/November and see what the market is like in terms of new/slightly used longer term vehicles.

It would be nice to have a few payment-less months and to finally be rid of it. But, who knows what the future holds? I don’t want to find myself a vehicle down and in need of a ride.

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