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Do I have a problem here?

Today, my first day of driving the Skoda in heavy rain, I thought the engine had developed a stutter. Small, short but frequent losses (not complete) of power in gears 1 and 2, at low speeds, happening at constant revs and during gentle acceleration (The engine idled fine). This happened three times today, so I was starting to get quite concerned.

I took the car out tonight in the dry for a 50 mile blast to try and replicate the problem in all the gears, but to no avail, not even in first or second. I also did a DPF regen for good measure. I did notice that the TCS alert is lazy as shit though. It will allow the wheels to spin, then it will interfere, then it will flash the TCS light on the dash a second or so later (kinda slow, no?).


So I checked the reviews on these ^ tyres, which I’ve already questioned the ability of;

And while they’re seemingly happy in the dry, they get really poor write ups for wet weather performance. They proved this today by spinning constantly when moving off from a standstill. So I’ve come to the conclusion that my tyres are shitty, and the TCS was involved in the ‘stutter’ that I attributed to my engine. Interfering constantly in short bursts, but not long enough to throw the TCS light up on the dash, all while the tyres struggled in the heavy rain (but not enough to notice by feel due to low gear/revs)

Does that sound likely? Like, at all? It’s probably worth changing my front tyres anyway, but am I missing something obviously wrong with my engine that could lead to all this?

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