Here’s an odd problem, one I never expected to have.

I met with the oncologist again today to go over the details for chemotherapy. They checked my vitals and found that I dropped three pounds from last week. It was hard work, but I did it. Here’s the thing: the medication is based on my weight and they told me specifically not to lose any more weight. Have a few tablespoons of peanut butter, and if I need to have a donut then by all means have a donut. Uh, OK.


I’m going to have to make massive changes to my eating schedule as well. Normally I don’t eat breakfast and have a light dinner (because I don’t see any point in taking in a lot of calories in the evening when I’m sedentary), but now I’m supposed to have a full breakfast and dinner. I’ll be taking six 500mg tablets in the morning and six with dinner, and I could face awful nausea if I don’t take them within 30 minutes of eating. That’s a lot of large pills, and I just hope I can do this without gagging.

So, following doctors orders, I’ve decided to go out for dinner:

I’m pretty sure this is in keeping with the guidelines set forth today...

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