Do I need a truck?

Was walking home from school and saw a free snowblower. Seeing that I could (eventually maybe) use a snowblower (we might be looking at houses instead of renting soon, maybe a year from now-ish) again and this was FREE, when I got home I grabbed the Camry (and forgot the blanket that I usually use for loading crap into cars) and went back to find it still there.

So with the help of a nice lady on a bike (hey, I’m not too proud to say a lady helped me) we got it into the trunk, and I drove it home.


With no one there to help me UN-load it, I did the best I could (again forgetting the blanket) and did this (and I really don’t even care)

But JUST LOOK AT IT. Its all badass and old and an Craftsman with a blue “Tecumseh Motorsports” motor and stickers and I found it right across the street from where they probably MADE the motor. NEAT!


It had compression, so I tried to start it on the old gas that’s in it and that didn’t happen, so I’ll be fixin’ to fix it this weekend.


Sadly it did not work out as well in either ease of fitment or startability as the last free thing I brought home that had a motor in it. Probably because it is Briggs powered. And was made in this century.

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