Do Jalops dream of electric Morgans?

Morgan is going to show a prototype EV three wheeler at Goodwood, with a view to releasing a production version in 2016.

The concept is simple: take the universally beloved Morgan three wheeler, remove the rumbling S&S V twin, and stick in a single 75 KW electric motor at the rear.


No word on what batteries go where, but they promise a weight less than the 450kg of the petrol version, but a range of more than 200 kms. Those stats would be utterly compelling if true, but it’s hard to see how that could be done.

Given how much torque will be channeled through one rear wheel in such a lightweight, you also have to wonder how the little cart is not going to wag like a hyperenthusiastic labrador puppy.

Still, even if you might be doing some involuntary product development, you wouldn’t say ‘no’, would you?

I’ll have the bonneville speed edition, thankyouverymuch.


(Photo credits: Morgan)

Source: Morgan

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