If you happen to know of anyone that’s about to take their “My First Mig” welder to the axle of their ATV/ATC/Go Cart.. Etc.. Stop them!

You see. I have this really fun machine here. It has issues but it’s a solid, pants crappingly fast SOB.

I have these new wheels and tires I reeheealy want on it. Not just because they look awesome either. They have a shallow backspacing that will widen the track by 4". Couple that with the +6 swingarm? Stability and getting Oppo are soo much easier.


However.. Some lugnut lost the hub spacers for the rear. And instead of getting or making new ones they just slapped the hubs on and busted out the Harbor Freight wire feed. Thus destroying about $200 worth of hardware. The hubs are Cast Steel, the Axle is Forged. Those “Welds” lasted 3 rides.

Just because you can weld it...

Lucky I have a couple of parts machines laying around.