Screw you rules sticker, I do what I want.

For the safety conscious know that this was about a 700 yard drive at about 5 mph.


For the awesome conscious, 6x6's rule.

Gettin’ work done.


Getting play done. (this is another thing the sticker strictly forbids: DO NOT CLIMB HILLS OR ANGLED SLOPES!)

For $2500, this has been a good investment. it even pulls my boat okay.


I had this wild idea that it would be fun to take it on a multi-day overland trip. 800 lbs in the cargo box and another 75 up front. I wouldn’t put that much in there (because off road death) but 2 gallons of gas, plenty of food, a cooler, some comfortable camp setup, firewood, etc. Plus I could take off right from here and get access to plenty of trail without need of a trailer. I just might do that this summer. Who’s in?