Do. Not. Be. Cowed.

Some of you may know me. I’ve been at the helm of for awhile now. It’s about diecast collecting. We love cars. Even if we can’t afford them, we’ll buy a $100 version and dream about it..

Recently I posted an article about VW, and how I grew up with them. I also find their actions over the the last decade reprehensible. There were several comments along the lines of “all big companies do this...” to the usual “hey, you drive a’re just as complicit in screwing up the environment.” etc.


I don’t think it is an either/or issue. You can enjoy driving and still find that a company with a few corrupt individuals can fuck the population (there are 7 billion of us) so that they could make a couple thousand of Euros wicked and immoral.

Driving is a blast. I love it. I will not forget or forgive a massive corporation poisoning the air we breathe for a couple dollars though.

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