2015 GMC Sierra with 47,000 miles, bought it from a dealer just over 1 year ago with 26,000 miles. The other week I noticed a slight vibration in the front end while braking. I got home, pulled the wheels off and checked the pads, still had at least 1/4" of brake pad left. Over the next week the vibration started to get worse, felt like warped rotors. Ordered a new set of rotors and pads spent a friday night replacing them, but it wasn’t warped rotors, it was serious corrosion on 1 of the 4 brake pads. The backping plate was completely corroded, to the point that it has holes in it. I sent the pictures to GM’s warranty department, even contacted their District Service Manger, no one cares. They just respond with “well brakes are a wear item”. Wear does not equal corrosion to the point that there are holes in the backing plate. Since GM did not care, I sent the pictures and information to NHTSA so they can be made aware at least. This goes along with all the other issues I’ve had since buying this truck a year ago (listed at the bottom)


Transmission was rebuilt around 40,000 miles, shift quality was so bad my neck would jerk with every 1-2 upshift


The slop in the rear axle is bad enough I’m taking it to the dealer again. Just shifting between reverse and drive or drive and reverse causes a clunk

About once a month the radio screen will go blank for 15-30 seconds then come back on. Finally captured it on video

I’m missing my 2012 Ram 1500 I traded in to buy this truck more and more.

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