I've tried posting some links to Drive+ videos when they come out with a little line of what I liked or gained from them and I never really get anyone agreeing or saying they like that too in the comments. I always get "I'm not giving them my money." or "I'm not paying for that."

The type of comments don't come off as cheap or even just budget conscious, it comes off as though people are mad at them for asking for money. I wasn't happy when they announced it either but in the name of science I decided I will try the service out for at least three months and compare the regular Drive videos with the Drive+ ones. So far I have been happy with the extra quality/quantity of videos on Drive+.

This is about more than just my satisfaction though. People need to remember there is no free lunch no matter how much the Internet pretends there is. If the Drive team wasn't able to keep going the way they were and needed to charge to keep going that means Drive+ subscribers aren't just paying for themselves. We're paying for the regular Drive viewers too. If we didn't chip in they might not be able to afford the budget for the regular Drive videos and could maybe disappear altogether.

Think of all your favorite shows that get cancelled and you never get to watch any more. As content consumers we need to be both vocal in our support as well as putting our money where our mouth is and financially supporting worthwhile content. I purchased the documentary Easier Said Than Done because I wanted to support the producer as well as express that I would like to see more content like that.

I did that even though the price was higher than a lot of the content I'm used to getting online because I want the trend of quality automotive content online to continue.