That dressing in clothes that match your car make both you and your car that much less attractive?

No, I don’t mean in the sexually attractive way either.

I was at cars and coffee this morning and am used to seeing several of the Ferrari clad douches there, including the one who snubbed me until he saw me getting into my Ferrari (I still refuse to acknowledge his existence).

Today, I see this nice white SL63 Black Series pulling in, so I head over to look at it.


(Kinja keeps rotating this pic. Fuck you Kinja)

As I walk towards it I already knew the owner would be a giant douche as there was a windshield banner that said “SL63 AMG BLACK Series” on it. And yes, the word black was capitalized, and ‘black series’ was bigger than the SL63 AMG part.


As I continue to walk up, the owner gets out, dressed in a black and white matching track suit, scarf, and hat, all with AMG logo’s on it.

He hurriedly opens the hood, and immediately rushes away from his car, to go and stand on the curb 30 feet away and watch people look at his car.


Really dude? Would it kill you to have a conversation with people rather than stand back in solitude while soaking in the fake admiration from onlookers? Would you dress like that had you not driven your AMG to a car show, or would you roll into the grocery store decked out in the same garb? Did you ensure the colors of your AMG gear match the colors of your car so everyone would see you’re the owner as you dodge gazes from 40 feet away so you can inflate your pockets with your low self esteem?

Fucking shit drives me up a wall. / Rant