I recently had a chat with a Chevrolet spokesperson. He told me that the new Suburban/Escalade/Tahoe/Yukon was even bigger than the last one. I'm not biased against large Suv owners in any way.

But does your average soccer mom with two kids really need a giant Luxo-Truck? The Suburban was not build to haul Soccer Moms around to Starbucks, and Soccer Practice, and what's the point of a massive SUV when it isn't being put to any utility purpose? What ever happened to Sedans, or Crossovers. Or does everybody need the power and assurance that they are the biggest car on the road, making them absolutely superior to every other vehicle on the road. The previous generation Gmt 900 was enough size, why does it need to get bigger. The 3/4th ton Suburban I'm fine with. They were intended for towing, and actual utility work actually yielding for the size, instead of needing to be Giant, and Luxurious.

Anyways, those are my thoughts.