I grew up in Southern California, graduating high school at the end of the 80s. LA punk was at its peak. X, the Dickies, Circle Jerks, Germs, etc. were the soundtrack of my youth.

But Black Flag was special, especially pre-Rollins when humor and joy still had a part to play. It wasn’t just how great they were musically (THEY WERE), but the power of that logo gave them something. It was spraypainted fucking EVERYWHERE in those days. Rarely words, just a stencil laid down and sprayed over for those four stark black bars. For disaffected suburban white kids full of undirected rage in Reagan’s nightmare America, it was magic. It said “You are not alone. We are few, but we are everywhere.”

It had an effect on me that I did not appreciate at the time, but it felt like I knew something that my Michael Jackson/Van Halen/Duran Duran obsessed peers could never understand. I wasn’t alone.

I spent a lot of time in high school exploring Southern California in my Sparlingco Celica conversion, the car that led me to search for the Sunchaser for 2 years. A lot of that time, tapes of my favorite Black Flag records were playing and the top was down.


I am having the four bars painted on the Sunchaser, next to the license plate, on the other side from the GT badge. It is a tribute to my Sparlingco, and a message to that lost teen in the place where I was so long ago - You are not alone.

It’s NOT my imagination - I got a gun at my back.

More true today than it has been in many years. Reagan-Bush (both of them)- Trump all have the same heritage.


A bonus gift for those of you who remember Reagan:

I hate what they teach my kids in school about that son of a bitch.