So yesterday I made a post about my insane dealings with a shipping company.

Well I call them up this morning and they tell me that they tried to run my card twice yesterday and it came back both times declined. Well I know for a fact that I have the available funds. The individual I've been "working" with told me that it's probably because my bank isn't used to seeing such a large amount being charged so they declined it as possible fraud. Now, I used to work for a bank. It is possible that they could do this but not probable. So I call my bank and they tell me that there hasn't been anything declined or in the last 24 hours. They said the last time it was run was when I spent $22 yesterday at Lowe's. So now my bullshit meter is at an all time high and I'm even more pissed off with this company. I tell my bank that I will be making two rather large payments just in case and they say "No problem.". Call the shipping company back and let them know everything and now the guy starts getting a little upset. He tells me that his accounting section won't even try to process the payment again because he says it'll look like fraud on his part. I told him to go ahead because my bank has put in an exception to make sure this goes through. He says no and tells me that I'll have to do a direct deposit into the trucking company's account that he contracted to move the car. That sounds like a load or horse shit. I'm supposed to be paying Door To Door and he's supposed to pay the driver that he contracted through. Any thoughts?