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Do they make 2x mountain bikes anymore? Oppo recommendations?

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I’m thinking I might as well spend a lot of money on a new mountain bike before I age out of the sport. I’m looking for a trail bike I believe. I want to go up more than I want to go down. I’m not going to be jumping or anything nutty. Single track and technical stuff but not rock gardens. I can currently handle blue/black trails, not full black.


So fairly short shock travel is fine. Certainly don’t want 16omm travel.

I like the traction of the 2.8/3.0 tires on my 27.5 Plus Scott. So something that could take up to 2.6" tires would be good.


I want low weight. My current Scott is about 35 lbs which is 25% of my body weight. Something closer to 24 lbs if possible.

I think 2x is best for my low torque output, I like the close spacing between gears and want a lower gear than the current 1x drivetrains.


I want color. No black bikes.

I’d prefer Shimano. I’m not used to SRAM and would rather not have to buy an new set of tools.


Looking at a bunch of stuff online makes me think I have to buy a frame and build it up to get what I want. But I’m not even finding a frame with a front derailleur mount.

Cost is not really a limiting factor as far as money supply goes but psychologically I’d have trouble spending more than $9K on a bike.


Am I going to have to forget a 2x drivetrain if I want to buy new?

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