Here’s a question that came to my head while I was reading some old Stanley Steamer advertisting lit. Do tires on cars with CVTs last longer? I’ll explain the tangent:

The Stanley brochure claimed longer tire life on a steam car, as many as 5,000 miles more (this would be like claiming 10-15,000 extra miles on modern tires) - the reasoning behind this claim? Steam cars run smoother. The steam car lacks a gear box and delivers smoother torque to the wheels, meaning the strain passed through the tires every time a car is shifted through a gear is avoided. The car starts and accelerates in one go to cruising speed. The “jolt” of changing gears supposedly causes more tire wear.


Supposing this were true, it would also be applicable to cars with CVTs. So I’m wondering, is there any record of tires living long when on cars with CVTs? Or has anybody heard/read a similar claim before?


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