As an almost owner of a first gen RX sexy I’ve been thinking of a way Mazda could make this happen. It’s not like they’ve abandoned the Rotary altogether ether, they’ve had an odd rotary prototype of sorts in testing for awhile, but no vessel to viably bring it to market. Enter Toyota. More specifically the Toyobaru siblings. A next gen is on the way and Mazda could inquire and lend some technical development. My idea, a joint sports car between Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru. Each using their own power trains relevant to their brands. The FRS using a TRD massaged four banger, BRZ using the proven boxer, and Mazda introducing a RX-3 using a small turbo rotary or rotary hybrid.

These three could set the bar in different price ranges to distinguish each other from one another. Toyota could still offer the Boxer as an option, but in terms of output it would go in order. FRS, BRZ, RX-3. It could work seeing the next gen of these cars might in fact be bigger Miatas.

The RX-7 as much as us Rotary enthusiast love it can survive in spirit if anything else. I'm still not opposed to a sky active coupe.