Do you actually want tax reform? [politics trigger warning]

I like you, oppo. You are a civil cross-section of different voters and parties and ideologies, and generally absently of the Alex Jones-ian conspiracy prattling that occupies one side of the spectrum and the quote-tweet outrage!!11!1@ of the other.

The numbers say that - while not the majority - a not-insignificant number of people are actively rooting for the tax bill sitting in congress. I honestly can’t grasp who that would be, since I’m getting royally fucked by the lack of itemizing (especially SALT). A lot of other New Yorkers are too. A lot of my triggered snowflake cuck liberal friends are upset, for a variety of reasons - even if they stand to come out at least marginally ahead


So help me here, as a sincere no-judgment question. Are you rooting for tax reform? Are you glad Mitch has mustered the votes? Why? Are you worried about the deficit? Do you question who is getting the savings? Is this “something is better than nothing?” Help me understand.

[edit: this is intended to be an avenue for people to express an opinion that might be different than yours without fear of being harassed off the thread. please do not do that.]

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