Do You "Back Channel" Cars You Are Shopping?

I’m back on the 911 hunt. I found one, talked to the dealer, got the carfax and began to think about it. I even looked at the car and scheduled a PPI.

Not the actual car. The actual car was a PTS color in a slightly darker shade. This car is a wrap

As I read through the Carfax I recognized one of the shops where it was serviced. So I called the owner and asked about this particular car. He didn’t remember it so he threw it out to his techs. I heard one of the techs pipe up over the speaker phone...yea it needed a full re-build and he didn’t like our diagnosis or our price...stuck us for the diag fee too...”


Thank’s for saving me $350 on a PPI fellas! I sent the tech a DiBruno Bros box for the intel.

This is not the first time I have done this. Some shops won’t talk to me, others would but only after I showed up in person and offered cash if the info was useful. However I do it all the time now. A lot of times I have been able to get in contact with the last shop to touch the car and it has been super helpful. Things like “OMG super nice car”, or “great shape but will need front brakes right away”.

Just out of curiosity I called another shop where this particular 997C2S had been serviced...”The purple one!? Such a nice car! The owner however is a cheapskate asshole...” He did go on to say that the car was always serviced at the dealer on time up until recently.

Asshole I can deal with, that just means that there’s still plenty of blinker fluid. Cheapskate, on a 911 I cannot...NEXT. Honestly I would take a 911 that needs a rebuild, but I’d need to get it for less than 10k.


Anyway, do any of you guys do this?

Happy Monday. I spend the weekend at work moving 50 laptops from a local Active Directory to AzureAD...

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