Do you car-o-ween?

I’ve had a skeleton riding shotgun for years now. I had to change it up from the original glow in the dark Dr. Bore Bones as we accidentally left him in the attic of our house when we sold it (oh what a surprise that must have been). So now I’ve got Borris in the Miata with me.

The MX-5 has a massive lisp with the fangs on - or at least it looks like it would have one. Yet I still made a fresh set and slapped them on this year


I also added some static window cling blood splatter. I am interested to see longer term results, but currently they’ve held up to 80+ mph on the interstate and commuter driving. We’ll see what happens with rain. I’m mixed on if it’s too much or too little, but I’ll give it a good test run to see.

And a small touch at the back just for kicks and giggles.

Do you do anything to your car for Halloween, Oppo? 

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