Do you ever feel like...

...a pilot while starting your car?

Honestly I was looking for an excuse to post this blurry pic I took during work this week. But I also really feel like a pilot starting my car specifically recently. Here’s the deal, I have winter tires on with no TPMS, it’s cold out, and and I don’t like automatic start/stop.


This means when I get in my seat I follow these steps:

1) Start ignition.

2) Shift out of first into neutral.

3) Press the Sport button that turns off the auto stop/start.

4) Press the heated seat button.

5) Push the stalk that ignores the no TPMS warning light.

6) Pull the lever that releases the e-brake.

7) Shift to first then TAKE OFF!

At first I thought it was a bit of a hassle, but now I love it. DANGER ZONE!

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