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Do you ever just drive?

Pictured is Arcos Bosques II, An emblematic building by the late Mexican Architect Teodoro Gonzales de Leon. Out of the frame to the left is the more famous building, Arcos Bosques I, also known as “The trousers.

Fun fact, Teodoro Gonzales de Leon died on the same day I had my first date with my ex girlfriend.

To probably missquote Bman “Modernism seems to only work in Latin America.”

I took a drive this night to think about stuff and waste some gas and some time. I ended up thinking about nothing important. Which is the government.


Dutchie asked a few days ago if I actually like anything about Mexico, because it seems as if I’m always bitching about it when I’m on oppo. Well, I thought about it and I really don’t understand how this country could exist.

It seems like everything is relatively OK by sheer luck. Like our incompetence has little to no consequences to our well being. Or at least my well being.

My cousin studied political sciences (unsurprisingly, he didn’t actually end up working in his field) but he coined a phrase... “It’s impossible to keep up (with the government), and it seems like people die at tremendous rates.”

It’s a very deadly place, but no one I know dies. They seem to be in a fairly selective group. We tend to forget that the annual deaths due to smoking and due to pollution are 500% higher than the yearly deaths due to homicide.

Oh, but the government bought coal for electrical power stations.


Anyway. I was just doodling around town, I called a friend to question whether she’s been succesful getting some #content for a website I designed for her as a gift, and she said she did!

So that was nice.

I also decided it would be fun to powersteer out of this corner on my way home just outside La Hormiga ranch, also known as the former residence of the President of Mexico.


The complex, made up of various houses and a military base, has been decomissioned since December of last year. So no one was there.


Why? Because I’m a jackass.

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