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We like foaming hand soap in my house because it saves water, saves soap, and requires less time to get to a lather, which was useful in training my impulsive child in good hygiene. But lately the stores are out, so I bought regular liquid soap. I was looking for old soft soap pumps in the house to fill when I had a thought:

“Hey, is foaming soap the same as watered down liquid soap?”

Turns out it is. You can take your liquid soap, dilute it 1:5 or 1:6 with water, and put it in the foaming containers with the same results. Which tells you that I was paying too much for foaming soap all this time, because it costs more per ounce. I refilled all the foaming containers, and I’ll be saving money on soap from now on out.


File this under “duh” in the same way that I didn’t realize “twinkle twinkle” and the ABC song were the same tune until I was an adult. Just never thought about it.

P.S: bar soap is still probably the cheapest way to wash your hands anyway.

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