Question is in the title. Discuss.

As car enthusiasts, some of us have a tendency to develop attachments to the machines which take us places, bring us joy, and are by our sides through both good and bad times of our lives. These memories we create with our vehicles imbue personality traits onto them, and after memories accumulate, we view our cars less as conveyances and more as old friends. These enthusiasts are the type of people who tend to keep their cars for a long time and be sad upon having to sell them for one reason or another. When they look at their car, a film reel of the good times they've had together plays through their head.

Other enthusiasts enjoy their cars, sure, but live more in the moment and don't dwell on the past. They may keep a car 15 years or 15 months, however long it suits their needs and fulfills its role in their garage. They are unburdened by sentimentality and can thus view cars more objectively. It is easier for them to sell cars and simply replace them. When they look at their car, they see a cost/benefit analysis of the negatives and positives of their current car. If that analysis is not favorable, they replace the car (funds permitting) and thus don't end up putting up with as much crap because they "love" an unreliable heap.

Personally, I fall into the first camp. When I look at the A3, I smile remembering the road trips, the late night canyon runs, the nervous first dates, the summer days spent with friends, and the parties outside which she patiently waited as I experienced teenage life. I think of the bad days made bearable by taking the long way home, and the good ones made sweeter by doing the same. As my first real car, I would find it hard to sell.

How do you guys feel?