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Do you guys ever...

Get some really, really bad news and just want to go beat the everliving fuck out of your car for awhile to forget about everything? I do. It’s not for the Kobe news, though that made today quite bad enough for a Californian born and raised with the Lakers. One of my very favorite people, whom I’ve been privileged to know, look up to, and play music with for 30 years, was just diagnosed with brain cancer and is in a bad way. He’s an incredible drummer, deeply influential to me, his style not dissimilar to Niel Peart’s, or clearly influenced by it. And now weeks later the same disease comes for him, having now taken the left side of his body away. Fuck that with a broken drumstick. Though I imagine him making Monte Python “I’m not dead yet” jokes in a terrible accent, as he is wont to do, I just.. fucking... can’t... take it right now. Tears for a friend. 

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Needed to vent, apologies. Rough day for many today. Hug your family. I'm not a religious man, but Godspeed is a word that carries special weight. Godspeed, Tom, I hope to jam soon.

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