What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
Indy 500 hopeful, Donald Trump.
Indy 500 hopeful, Donald Trump.

I am reposting this little gem of an article, first published to my blog back in 2011 when Trump was named as the official Pace Car Driver for that year’s Indy 500. Even then it was a controversial move, but one that eventually saw AJ Foyt taking the wheel instead of Trump. It’s also interesting to see that there was a “Dump Trump” movement that was clearly years ahead of it’s time.


The following article was originally published May 3rd, 2011:

Do You Like Your Sporting Events Racially Charged and Polarising? Then Welcome to This Year’s Indy 500

Some of you may say, “Wait, isn’t it NACAR’s job to be racially charged and polarising?” Traditionally, sure, but this year the kind folks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are taking the reins by appointing Donald “Show Me The Birth Certificate” Trump as the official pace car driver for this year’s Indianapolis 500. Mind you, this is also the 100th Anniversary of the infamous Brickyard event which casts the Memorial Day weekend race in an even bigger spotlight than usual, which is still pretty fucking big considering that 250,000 attendees watch the race from the grandstands, with a further 7-million viewers estimated to watch it on television around the globe on a normal year.

Who stands to lose in this proposition? Let’s see, there’s the owners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IZOD race series promoters, Chevrolet, who is supplying the Camaro convertible Trump will be driving, and of course any Hoosier (a citizen of the State of Indiana, a group known to be wildly prideful and enthusiastic about the Indy 500).

One group has popped up on Facebook named “We Don’t Want Donald Trump To Drive the Indy 500 Pace Car” and at the time of this writing, already has 5,300 members. Newspapers, television stations and the viral nature of the web has already generated a fair amount of publicity for the cause, but it seems the numbers of supporters for the campaign are growing exponentially every day.

Should Donald Trump drive the Pace Car for the 100th Anniversary of the most famous racing event in the history of the world? Of course not, he’s a bigger dick than Moby the whale, and in a time when Americans should be celebrating the end of 10-years of fear at the hands of Osama bin Laden, the rebuilding of the WTC site at Ground Zero, and the successes of our troops abroad, there is simply no room for racially-motivated, divisive fame/hate-mongers who only wish to line their own pockets and boost ratings at the finest motorsport event on the planet. We say let Donald Trump drive the Chevy, but only if it’s off the deep end of a pier or better yet, through the streets of South Chicago or Harlem where he might find an audience that isn’t as favorable to his rants as the “yes men” he surrounds himself with.

UPDATE: “You’re Fired!” As of Thursday May 5th, 2011, the Facebook campaign had just under 18,000 members and achieved their goal of “Dumping Trump” when the foolish little man stated earlier in the day that he would not step down of his own will, but after it became evident that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials were going to do the dirty work for him, he changed his tune and announced a scheduling conflict will prevent him from taking part. That scheduling conflict is apparently his aspirations to the highest office as he ramps up his Presidential bid for 2012. If he didn’t get the hint that he wasn’t wanted at the Indy 500 by most American’s who voiced their opinion on the matter, then wait until he sees his poll numbers. A foolish man and his money are soon parted, but his hair may never be.

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