I’m trying to make my browser more secure. In Chrome I have the following settings under Cookies:

  • O Allow local data to be set (recommended)
  • X Keep local data only until you quit your browser
  • O Block sites from setting any data
  • X Block third party cookies and site data

So I have set to keep only local data, and block third party cookies.

Then in Exceptions, I have Allow set on kinja.com, jalopnik.com and oppositelock.kinja.com

So what doesn’t work with these settings? I can comment, but I cannot compose a post or save something to my drafts. I can use the ‘Compose’ screen, but if I hit publish or save to drafts, it just refreshes the page and I’m still on the Compose window without having saved to drafts or published. Any ideas what I need to do? I’m just using a different browser to compose for the moment.