That thick white line, between the two white vehicles, at this intersection that’s posted “no right turn on red”? For some vehicles we need that entire space to make that turn, hence the reason the line is set back. Don’t honk at me if I come too close to you when you’re past that line. You’re the one that’s in the wrong place, not me. It’s a fucking limit line, and this also explains why those double yellow lines stop there.

Oh, and about those double yellow lines? They have a distinct meaning as well. This is not a one way street, so keep your ass to the right, thankyouverymuch. The left side of the road is not for making left turns just because the double yellow lines ended 50 feet back at that big, thick white line.

And that bright green light in front of you? That doesn’t mean stop before you get to the intersection if the road is empty and nobody is coming the other direction. Some idiot did that to me today, causing me to lock up my brakes as I came up behind them. They were turning left, I was going straight ahead, and there were absolutely no reasons why they needed to stop - no other traffic, nobody in the crosswalk, no dogs or ducks crossing the street, just a brain-dead road enforcer that has no concept that they might possibly be wrong. Either that or they were busy on the phone, but that usually means that they remain stopped at the intersection when it turns green, not slowing down and stopping after they start moving.

On most days I’m quite happy to start work at 0400 or 0500 because that means there are very few people on the road. The ones that are, however, well, watch out. This morning there was a car on the other side of the street at the light nearest my home. I was going straight ahead, which means I had the right of way, and they were turning left. The light turned green and they pulled out right in front of me, nearly causing a collision. Simple shit - wait your fucking turn, stupid.


Self-righteous prigs that have no clue the basic rules of the road - I seemed to find all of them today. I’m so happy to be home where the risk of personal injury and damage to my car is minimized (but sadly not eliminated). Some piece of shit came blasting up the street last week, not stopping at the intersection, probably doing at least 60 through this residential neighborhood in a Chrysler 300. When he swerved to avoid the construction workers loading their truck after crossing the intersection I was amazed that he didn’t lose it and plow into a series of parked cars and end up in someone’s living room as happened about 100 yards away a few years back. I still have a picture of that dumbshit laying in the street, surrounded by cops, waiting for the ambulance to arrive. He fled the scene on foot, made it around the corner, but since he was a cool dude wearing his pants below his ass-crack he stumbled on his own clothing and did a faceplant in the middle of the street. Gotta love self-inflicted justice.

Lane discipline is fairly good here in MO, but there were a couple of exceptions today. The Range Rover camped out doing 67 despite tons of people having to go around him, only moving to the right when he approached his off ramp. And the bitch in the base model Versa that held up half a dozen cars, speeding up as necessary to make it impossible to get around her without moving over two or more lanes. Stupid fuck - get out of the way already! You’re not a god damn cop, OK?


Thank you for letting me vent.