Do you like cars? Do you like Star Wars? Of course you do.

Posted this about a year ago, but since there are so many new people here, I thought it’s maybe worth a re-post.

I was digging through the archives last night, working on some portfolio stuff, and ran across the folder of sketches for Hasbro back in 2008.

I’d worked for them for a while (both at their HQ and freelance) a few years prior, and one day one of the dudes I’d worked with called me out of the blue and asked me if I’d like to work on one of their Lucasfilm license projects. They wanted to make a line of cars based on Star Wars characters, and wondered if I’d like to throw in.

Um, does the Pope shit in the woods?

They’d give me a character to design around, I’d spend one night sketching, send them for review, then render the chosen design the next night, and sketch on the next one, and send them for review. This was all in the evenings, after my ‘real’ job. Anyway, enough talk. Here are some of the sketches.




Federation Droid car.

Federation droid, finished.


IG-88. Unfortunately they later asked me to add a giant gun on top.

Clone Trooper sketches.


...And the finished trooper.

Kit Fisto. All the Jedi designs had a glowing “lightsaber” thing incorporated. This one I wanted to be sort of a Lotus GT1-like car, with a bunch of green pipes over the “engine” that mimicked his tentacle-dreds, and an asymmetrical roof scoop like the folds and layers of his robe.


Mace Windu


This was actually the first one I did— I did the speederbike sketches the night before, after they’d called me, but before they’d told me what the project actually was. This one’s way more detailed because I actually had a weekend in there, the rest were just done on weeknights.

And my favorite, Darth Maul. Twin lightsabers, as if it’s got an engine at both axles, and matte black with gloss red to look like his face.


Unfortunately, Lucasfilm decided not to produce them, but Hasbro told me that the Lucas guys really liked em.

Anyway, little trip down memory lane for your Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed.