Do you loop ? UPDATE

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When we were trying to put together FSFL the one question we had was would we have a musical intro and outro ? if so what would it be ? My two host sent in suggestions, but me preferring to keep things original in terms of content wanted to make something just for the show myself. Hence the intro’s and outros of FSFL and Backfire at FSFL.

The morning show will be played with the main show

Turbo Fleek here is the intro for the new mechanical focused part of FSFL Backfire. I made this during post of the show without listening to the show beforehand, so maybe we’ll see a new intro in front of backfire and put this in front of FSFL.


The Best girl series are my favorites and are here to stay, I wanted to make something original, but familiar between the two shows. I think I did a good job with that. Two vastly different songs but still relatably similar. Sunny day is like a Lullaby while Dawn is very dramatic.


For you guys that also make podcasts, what do you do for music ? Did you make your own or pull from the web ?

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