Do you notice how cars sound?

No, not the engine and exhaust.

I mean the chimes. It shows a bit about the attention to detail a manufacturer has.


I think BMW was the first one to make it sound nice, all the way back in 2003 in the 7-series:

They have since used the same tone for all their cars up until the current G11 7-series, and have unique versions for Mini and Rolls-Royce (though I found a few Rollers that just use the BMW chime):

GM is among the worse. You have a Chevrolet Spark that sounds exactly like the top of the line Cadillac:

...only to be topped by Volkswagen AG, in which a Bentley sounds like a Jetta:

Which is interesting because Porsche uses nice tones (on most ones.)

The old Honda chimes... ugh. Sounds exactly like an alarm clock, and it always bothered me. They did fix it with the later gens, sort of.

Nissan back then used bicycle bells:

Hyundai has an interesting take, you have entrance, ignition and shutdown tones:

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