Do You Prefer To Go Topless?

And now, my shallow insecurities. I currently have two convertibles and I wish they were coupes. I have a 1978 Fiat Spider that I wish were a 124 Sport Coupe or a Brava and a 1987 Porsche 911 Cabriolet that I wish were a 911 coupe. Yeah, I know, first world problems, right.


I didn't exactly choose these cars because they were convertibles. The Fiat was free as I have documented before and the Porsche was a really good deal that I couldn't pass up during the height of the recession.

I really like everything about these cars except that I wish they were coupes. The spider was designed and built by Pininfarina and the 124 Sport Coupe and Brava were designed in house and built by Fiat. Nonetheless, I still think they are some of the best looking coupes of all time and I would take one in a heartbeat.


And no matter how much I might try to rationalize it, a 911 cabriolet will always be a lesser performer than an equivalent coupe or targa due to the torsional rigidity. You just can't make a convertible handle like the equivalent coupe without adding weight. Also, most convertibles aren't allowed on a track without some sort of rollover protection which just adds more weight.

Honestly, there are days I just don't want to put the top down, but I feel like a putz driving around on a nice sunny day with it up. So, inevitably, I put it down. If I had a coupe, I could just go about my business. Plus, I have always, for whatever reason, seen convertibles as chick cars or a rolling mid-life crisis. Ok, I'm 44, so technically, that makes me mid-life. But I'm still hoping they figure out that head in a jar thing from Futurama in the next 40 years.


So you are probably saying: 'If it bothers you that much, why not get rid of them and get a coupe for chrissake". Well I know the condition of these cars as I have put a lot of work into them and I just don't see being able to come out on the winning end of any deal. That, and I'm lazy.

So what is the Oppo consensus when it comes to going topless? All things being equal do you choose coupe or convertible?

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