We have always believed that car color impacted the value and pricing of cars. And someone has finally done the math to prove it. You may not want to buy that blue car after all.

I get pitched ideas for podcasts from all angles and I rarely take anyone up on the corporate offers. I even turned down a free radar detector the other week. But the folks at autolist.com sent me a note about the research they did on the impact of car color on pricing. And the math checks out.

There are significant fluctuations in value on color as well as by make and model. All good stuff to keep in mind when shopping for a new car and also when looking at used cars. It might even explain why it is taking you so long to sell your blue truck.

So here is the audio:


And the video:

And obviously, the Daytona at the top would sell despite being blue. I just wanted a cool blue car for a top shot.


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